About The Caja

The Caja is your super efficient garden container. With the Caja, you can experience the joy of fresh, healthy, delicious produce in easy to manage gardening system. Here are a few reasons why:

Easy Setup: Setup and install the Caja virtually anywhere, with a minimum of effort. Enjoy exceptional yields of any crop from greens and herbs, to tomatoes, peppers, corn, and even melons.

Eco-Friendly: Caja uses up to 50% less fertilizer and 80% less water compared to conventional gardens. It is made with food-grade recycled plastic, is UV-stabilized, BPA-free, heat/frost proof (-40C to +40C) and is designed to provide outstanding yields over a multi-year lifespan.

Easy Maintenance: The mulch cover (included) eliminates weeding and soil-borne pests by keeping weeds and insects out and moisture in the soil. A built-in 10-litre water reservoir means less watering, faster growth, and healthier plants.

Proven Track Record: Join Caja users around the world including school gardens, corporate campus gardens, community gardens, local and international NGO projects and home gardeners around the world. You can find links to various case studies and a list of all the countries The Caja has been used in on Our Projects page.

Who is The Caja For?

The Caja is great for almost any gardener, in almost any setting. Here are just a few examples of how you can use the Caja in your gardening project:

For those with a busy lifestyle, the Caja allows you to go days between watering. This is especially useful for those who like to go away for the weekend without worrying about the plants drying up or your garden being neglected, or who want the freshest tastes on the deck at their weekend retreat.

If you have limited space, the Caja will still allows you maximum yields. The Caja is especially adaptable for condos, apartments and townhouses – allowing production of fresh produce, even with a limited gardening area.

For educators and parents, the Caja easily opens the world of growing, and will get your students and kids “hands-on” involved in sustainable growing. The Caja is small enough to be brought into the classroom and used by kids of all ages.

For seniors and those who may have mobility challenges, the portability of the Caja and the option to raise it up on a stand or table allows anyone to garden without bending while also avoiding the heavy work of digging and prepping an in-ground garden.

For people who already have a big garden, the Caja is a great way for you to grow new varieties or experiment with unique crops in your garden, and to have herbs and flowers on the deck, adjacent to your BBQ!

For the gourmet chefs, the Caja allows you to have your herbs and greens right at your doorstep or outside your kitchen. It is literally not possible to have fresher ingredients at hand.

How the Caja Works:

We’ve put together this infographic poster that covers the different components of the Caja and how it works.