Case Studies

The Growing Connection has helped a variety of groups, organizations, schools, businesses, and institutions incorporate health and taste into their daily activities. Read more about the various projects we’ve been a part of.

Community Case Studies

Regent Park Popup Gardens – Public Spaces Gardening in a Revitalized Neighbourhood

Tenzompan 2005 – Growing for Nutrition and Income Generation

Mayama – From Day-Care Garden to Generating Income

Boston Community Servings – Inspiring the Sick with Fresh Herbs and Fresh Tastes

North Spirit Lake First Nations Community 2018 – Bringing Fresh Produce to a Remote Fly-In Community

Corporate Clients Case Studies

Agnora – Promoting Health and Wellness with a Corporate Garden

Vertice – Creating green Rooftop Meeting Spaces

Royal Bank of Scotland – Stress-Free Gardening in Hurricane Season

Bolanos – Silver Mine Gardening in Extreme Temperatures

Grove Park Home – Creating Productive Space in Previously Inaccessible Areas

Collingwood Popup Garden – Use the Space! A Rubble Strewn Construction Site Becomes a Thriving Garden

Grove Park Site Visit 2018

Schools Case Studies

Milliken Mills High School – From Grant to Garden in Record Time

Burrows Hall Junior Public School – Pioneering the Summer Take Home Program (Coming Soon)

International Projects Showcasing the diversity of gardens through the decades

MMHS Setup