Our Services

The Growing Connection offers a variety of services to ensure that your project runs smoothly and successfully. We work with individuals and families, as well as schools, universities, offices, green roofs, community centres, corporate campuses, seniors residences, and across the hospitality industry. We even work and have experience in non-traditional settings like post-industrial non-fertile areas. These services include:

Garden Design and Installation

One of biggest challenges for gardens is site selection and crop selection. While our Caja gardens are modular, flexible, and adaptable to wide range of spaces, we can help you optimize the layout for maximum efficiency of maintenance, ease of access and ease of harvesting, fit with existing gardens, and fit within existing structures and landscapes.

For garden installation, we offer a wide range of seeds and transplants (including world crops, companion plants, and pollinators), soil growing media (including specialized lightweight mixes for rooftops and organic fertilizers) and garden accessories (stands, growing lights, bamboo stakes, trellises).

We can arrange for the garden to be professionally installed and setup, and/or to work with you and your team in planting it yourself. Based on your goals, budget, culinary preferences, we will work with you to create a beautiful, bountiful, sustainable, and healthy garden.

Garden design and installation isn’t limited to new gardens as our services can be equally applied to replanting and/or rehabilitating gardens. In fact, one of our greatest joys is connecting with groups to see how the garden continues to grow, change, and adapt year after year.

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Garden Training and Workshops

Gardens aren’t a simple set it and forget about it type of activity. While the Caja makes it extremely simple to get growing and to grow a successful crop, challenges can arise from both a horticultural perspective, and from a human/group perspective. This is why training and workshops can be key elements to a successful long-term garden.

From a horticultural perspective, we offer hands-on and lecture-style workshops covering things like seed starting, companion planting, natural pest control, composting and indoor gardening. We love working with groups of all sizes and of all ages, from schools and summer camps to seniors residences and corporate gardens, and everything in between.

From a human/group perspective, stakeholder engagement is one of the most important success factors. The greater the sense of ownership and responsibility there is, the greater the positive outcomes. As part of our design and installation process, we can share best practices we have developed when engaging groups to feel that sense of pride and ownership in the garden.
Training and workshops don’t have to be limited to large groups.

For individuals and families, we offer private coaching, hands-on troubleshooting, and in-season site visits to ensure your garden stays productive and healthy all season long.

School Gardens Curriculum Integration

For schools and educators, we have a suite of lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students that can be customized to your group’s needs. Read more on additional information on school gardens.

Presentations and Seminars

With decades of hands-on gardening experience, we love sharing our knowledge and stories from the field. We offer presentations and seminars on a variety of gardening topics and are available for your event, conference, festival, training and garden club meetings

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Whether it is on-site or virtual, ongoing or periodic, let The Growing Connection help you stay motivated, educated, and inspired to ensure a successful garden not only for the short term, but for many years to come. Training and workshops are offered both to individuals and groups. Please contact us for rates and availability.

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