Wholesale Opportunities

caja summer basilThe Caja is a versatile consumer-friendly product that can attract new customers to the garden sector, and expand your product and service capacity. Contact us to join TGC’s network of retailers and distributors, and to learn more about how the Caja can fit into your product mix.

For Retailers

For retail outlets (garden centres, hardware/home improvement stores and specialty gift outlets), the Caja leads to ongoing engagement with existing and especially with new and “non-traditional” customers (condo-dwellers, families with limited space…) throughout the growing season and on a multi-year basis. Spring is always a strong season with the start of a new outdoor growing cycle, and retail locations will garner repeat Caja customers, returning for additional boxes and input materials. You can be sure these clients will tell their friends and family abut the Caja because of their easy and tremendous garden successes. Multi-seasonal cropping can be promoted (summer veggies, herbs and greens), fall (garlic and spring bulbs), and winter (poinsettias and indoor greens).  Every year, soil and soil amendments like fertilizer, dolomite, and replacement mulch covers are a natural addition, as are potting soil mixes, seeds, transplants, and other accessories like watering equipment and natural pest control products.

Depending on location and scheduling, TGC can offer gardening workshops on topics such as season extension and succession planting as well as point of sale marketing materials and staff training that showcase the value of the Caja planter.

For Landscapers and Growers

For landscapers, garden designers, and landscape architects, the Caja is an easy way to include edibles into an indoor or outdoor garden project. Favourites like herbs, tomatoes, and strawberries are family-friendly, easy to grow, and can be installed almost anywhere including on decks, balconies, driveways, rooftops, and any flat/sunny area. More and more people are wanting to grow their own produce with an easy to grow gardening system.

For landscapers who do seasonal planting and maintenance, the Caja can fill the needs of customers wanting to grow their own food and incorporate vegetables, herbs, and fruit into their garden. It is an easy add-on taking minimal time to prep, plant, and train your employees with our turnkey growing system. As a bonus, the Caja can serve as a high margin item when bundled with delivery, garden maintenance, and your existing services.

Here’s what one grower had to say about the Caja. “ChocoSol uses Caja planters to grow herbs, flowers and greens on our rooftop. It’s larger size means we can grow in higher densities and we can design our urban garden for more intensive harvests!”

For Schools

For school and educational gardens, Caja can be integrated with all core subjects to provide a balanced and well-rounded education. From hands-on science projects to creative writing, chemistry, history, math, fine arts, social studies, and economics, Caja can provide creative opportunities to engage students in a fun, exciting, and hands-on learning experience. We have an elementary school and middle school curriculum with interactive lessons that can be custom tailored to your students’ learning needs as well.

With the Caja, there are also opportunities to collaborate with schools across Canada and around the world. Through our interactive online learning portal, students can share learning experiences with students and schools in different cultures and growing zones, leading to a diverse and well rounded experience.

For NGOs and International Projects

For NGOs and international projects, the Caja is the ultimate gardening container and gardening system, with tremendous potential for success. The Caja is durable enough to withstand the harsh Canadian winters, small enough to be portable and installed almost anywhere, and super-efficient in producing faster and higher yielding crops compared to traditional gardening methods. There are no moving parts that can be damaged or broken during transit or while in use, and the ongoing operational costs are minimal, consisting of additional fertilizer and seeds. is easy and

We have a proven track record of over 30 years of work with corporations, NGOs and projects all around the world, we know that growers around the world consistently react positively and find themselves ordering more units each season due to the savings in labour, increases in yield, and ease of growing the Caja provides. Our updated design is manufactured with recycled plastic and can be efficiently transported for larger scale projects.

Contact us at wholesale@TheGrowingConnection.com for pricing and to learn more incorporating the Caja into your product line.