Garden Information for HR / Facility Managers / CSR Teams

TGC Corporate Gardens

Growing Taste, Wellness, and Engagement

The Growing Connection works closely with HR and institutional/facility managers to develop the most cost-efficient and easy-to-operate on-site gardens anywhere.

TGC has installed highly productive and visibly stunning gardens at corporate headquarters (Google, Royal Bank of Scotland, Compass USA), at schools and university (MMHS, Harvard Medical School) at industrial plants (Agnora Glass, Dina S.A.) and even at mining sites (Capstone Gold, Zacatecas, Mexico).

On-site gardens provide a wide range of short and long-term benefits. These range from increased productivity and attention span, to team building and stronger morale. In fact, studeis show that gardens provide a $3-7 return on investment  for every dollar invested due to decreases in insurance, health care costs, and improved productivity.

Here’s what some participants have said about their on-site garden:

“The garden has provided so many benefits for AGNORA. From education, to nutrition to relaxation, TGC has been able to offer a solution that fits in well with our health & wellness initiatives. TGC has educated us on the different types of produce that we can grow right here, locally. We have learned how to garden, how to harvest, and the importance of organic farming. Furthermore, the garden offers a place of respite from a busy or stressful day. It is also a great way for employees to come together, in a peaceful setting, to learn more about one another and share gardening and recipe tips. I can’t recommend TGC enough. It is an incredible opportunity for businesses to provide value to their employees which means they will perform better at work and be happier in their everyday lives.”
– Laura Wilson, VP of Administration for AGNORA Glass

“The garden was a way for us to complement our current health & wellness efforts and extend them into a new area with a focus on nutrition and conscious eating.

TGC can tailor a program and installation exactly to fit your requirements and budget, including materials, training and – if required – on-going maintenance.

We can help corporations and institutions to meet their goals in terms of HR employee engagement, improvement in nutrition and health, and in overcoming environmental obstacles. TGC gardens can also play a central role in any corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Philanthropy programs – whether local, national or international.

Remember, access to the freshest and tastiest food, especially if grown in a low-impact, sustainable manner, rewards and uplifts us all!