Our Projects

Greenhouse Caja plantingThe Growing Connection is dedicated to the expansion and integration of sustainable food production into peoples’ daily lives. We all benefit from local, input-efficient production and from access to the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce. That’s why we’ve created special programs and pricing structures for NGOs, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises to incorporate the Caja into your next project. Here are a few examples of different projects we’ve been a part of and love to support:

School Fundraising and Garden Planting:

Schools like Milliken Mills High School used the Caja for both a backyard garden and as a potential for fundraising to support garden expansion

Income Generation:

A women and youth group in Tenzompan, Mexico used the Caja for both individual growing and for income generation by selling excess produce at a local market. Another youth and women’s group in Mayama went from a day-care garden to an income-generating project.

Global Garden Network:

Individuals and business with their own garden can join our global network and partner with another individual or group around the world to share best practices and create an online garden community. Some countries where The Growing Connection has been active in setting a garden include: Australia, India, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Trinidad/Tobago, Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, United States, and Canada.

Employee Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility:

Business and organizations like Agnora and Vertice have used the Caja for employee engagement in health and physical activity, to transform under-utilized space on their property (ex. Royal Bank of Scotland and Boston Community Servings) into a productive garden, and to create a community hub around the garden (ex. Regent Park popup gardens) that provides students, youth, and community members a common place to share and learn about gardening.

We welcome all inquiries from growers (including urban, peri-urban, and rural), community food centres, schools, residential associations, green roof projects, etc. Contact us to learn more about our wholesale opportunities, as well as current pricing and special features.

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