Setup and Planting Instructions

Setting up your Caja and getting it ready for planting is easy. Simply follow these steps and you’ll have trouble-free gardening all season long.

Step 1. Gather Caja, Soil Media, Seeds/Transplants, and Water.
Step 2. Setup Aeration Screen and Watering Tube, Making Sure to Position Watering Tube in Corner with Diagonal Bottom Slats.
Step 3. Fill Caja 50% with Soil Media (Excluding Fertilizer and Dolomite). Make Sure to Press Growing Media into “Capillary Corners” which Facilitates Water Moving From the Reservoir Throughout the Soil Media.
Step 4. Sprinkle Dolomite and Fertilizer Evenly Over Soil Surface.
Step 5. Lightly Water Soil to Moisten.
Step 6. Pour Remaining Soil Media Into the Caja, Mounding It 1-2″ Above the Rim. Soil Will Settle to be Flush with Rim of Caja Over Time.
Step 7. Secure Mulch Cover Over Soil Media and Box. Cut an “X” or Hole According to Plant Selection. See Caja Planting Guide for Details.
Step 8. Plant Seeds or Transplants
Step 9. Move Caja To Desired Growing Area.
Step 10. Fill Up Water Reservoir. First Time Only, Gently Water Plants at Base of Stem.

Notes: All watering should be done through the watering tube. You’ll know the reservoir is full when water flows out the overflow holes of the Caja. Water every few days while plants are young and temperatures are not too hot. As plants mature, you will need to water more frequently, especially in extremely hot weather. You cannot over-water due to the overflow holes. Do not let the reservoir run dry as that can affect the water movement within the box.

If you are using coconut coir or coco peat, hydrate it completely before use with warm water. A mixture of coco peat and peat moss can also be used. The substrate will have a multi-year lifespan with new fertilizer and dolomite added each year to provide the nutrients for subsequent plantings.

Download a PDF copy of our Caja Setup and Planting Instructions.
Download French language PDF Instructions et guide de plantation Caja.