Mulch Cover (2-Pack)


The mulch cover is made from lightweight plastic with an elastic bottom that is designed to fit on top of your Caja planter. Typically holes are cut in the cover to allow the desired plants to grow through, however some growers choose not to use it especially for thickly seeded crops such as microgreens, radishes, cilantro and green onions. You can refer to our planting and spacing guide for our guidelines as to the number of plants per box. Our mulch cover comes as a 2-pack and includes 2 covers.



The Caja mulch cover is one of the keys to a successful garden, allowing your favourite plants to grow faster and yield more. Once in place, the mulch cover helps to keep the soil moist and minimizes water loss from evaporation. It also helps to keep weed seeds and pests out while also minimizing nutrients from washing out of the soil and reservoir.

Each cover features a dark/black side and a light/white side. The dark side is great for colder climates, during the early spring, as well for the late fall season acting as a layer of insulation and heat sink to warm up the soil faster and to keep it warmer, resulting in faster growing and healthier plants.

Simply place it over the top of the box at the beginning of the season and cut an “X” or circular hole in the cover based on the number of plants you will be growing in the box. Once in place, we recommend leaving the mulch cover in place throughout the growing season. Each mulch cover is intended for use for a single growing season. Please contact us for bulk orders of 40+ covers.