Caja is your ultimate gardening kit. It can grow everything from herbs and greens, to tomatoes and eggplants, and even full sized melons and corn. Using less water, less labour and less fertilizer compared to traditional gardens, the Caja can be installed anywhere, is portable, easy to use, and designed to with durable materials to last through years of regular use and through all weather conditions.

Grow fresh, healthy, delicious produce with the Caja that makes gardening fun, simple and easy. Caja is manufactured with 50% recycled plastic and features UV-stabilized, food-grade, frost-proof, and durable materials designed to withstand the elements from -40C to +40C.

The Caja is used by home gardeners, commercial growers, restaurants, schools, NGOs, and businesses all over the world. Just add sunlight, a good potting soil mix, and your favourite transplants, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful, productive garden with no digging, no weeding, and outstanding yields.

Contents: Caja planter, aeration screen, watering tube, mulch cover



Caja is a super-efficient growing container that evolved from the tomato fields of Florida into an easy-to-use system that allows families, schools, community groups and business the option to plant and produce wonderful food plants, aromatics and flowers.

The secret is the built in water-reservoir that continually wicks water directly to the roots of the plants. The plants stay hydrated for longer periods of time and as a result grow faster and yield more compared to traditional container gardens. In addition, the mulch cover helps to minimize water loss from evaporation, keeps the weeds (and animals) out and helps to warm the soil in the cooler spring and fall months.

Go green, eat healthy, and join the local food movement by growing your own fresh veggies and herbs in your front yard, backyard, rooftop, deck, driveway, patios or wherever you have a sunny space!

Dimensions: 74cm x 34cm x 29cm (29” x 13.5” x 11.5”).

Capacity: 57 liter (2 cubic feet) planting volume and 10 liter (2.6 gallon) water reservoir

Contents: Caja planter, aeration screen, watering tube, mulch cover


Planting Guide

For optimal yields, we’ve put together this PDF Setup and Planting Guide with our recommended spacing based on the crops you want to grow.

Why Caja?

Here are just a few of the many reasons why lots of people have chosen to grow with the Caja:

  • Grow the freshest and most delicious veg
  • Durable – use the box for years and years
  • Portable – if you move, just take your garden with you
  • Grow the 100 meter diet
  • Grow above ground if in a site with contaminated soil
  • Teach your kids how food is grown
  • Decompress and relieve stress tending to your garden
  • Eat healthier and incorporate more veggies into your diet
  • Grow the same varieties of plants your grandparents and ancestors grew
  • Experiment with growing new and unique varieties not found in stores
  • Connect with nature and spend time outdoors in the sunshine
  • Adaptable to any location
  • No prior horticultural experience required. Learn in one training session, or online
  • Immediate visible, edible, and market-ready results
  • Minimal operational costs compared to conventional gardens
  • No moving parts to break down or wear out
  • Minimal infrastructure investment (ex. fencing)
  • Adaptable and applicable to emergency response and resettlement projects
  • Easily integrates into existing development projects
  • Extremely scalable from simple “family-size installations (10-30 units) to larger commercial installations (100-1000+ units)
  • Potential for developing a locally sustainable business