Canada Blooms 2020

Canada Blooms 2020 [CANCELLED]

UPDATE Mar 12: Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Canada Blooms is suspending its 2020 show as per the recommendation of Ontario Ministry of Health and Toronto Public Health for gatherings of more than 1000 people to be suspended. Come and visit us at Canada Blooms and get a taste of Spring!

From Friday March 13 to Sunday March 22, come and explore unique and exciting gardens at the Enercare Centre in downtown Toronto. We’ve been hard at work preparing for a backyard garden display featuring our Caja planters with lots of beautiful, edible plants. You’ll see how easily the Caja can fit into almost any space and be used to grow currants to chard, perennials to peppers, and lots more.

This year’s theme is “Birds of a Feather” and we were inspired by plants that provide food, shelter, camouflage, and habitat for birds. These include hot peppers, bird peppers, choke cherries, and other fruit trees. Birds are an important part of a healthy ecosystem, and instead of excluding or trying to eliminating them from our garden, we want to encourage them to be a part of the garden by providing things like bird baths, habitat trees, fruit trees, and other edible plants for them to enjoy. Food gardens are often perceived to be at odds with birds, so we wanted to show ways in which birds, plants, and humans can coexist in a shared space.

Here are a few photos from our backyard garden display:

Some other unique and interesting features of the garden include a number of fruit trees including apple, pear, peach, plum, and cherry. We’ve included a unique cacao shell mulch for the stone beds that help to make your garden smell like chocolate! Not only does it help to keep moisture in the soil, it suppresses weeds and encourages a whole host of natural beneficial bacteria, fungi, and worms to your garden.

As part of participating in this show, we’ve put together a few special promotions for visitors to the show and to friends/supporters who aren’t able to make it in person.

  1. For visitors to the show, you can take home one (or multiple) of our planted demo boxes at the end of the show starting Sunday March 22nd at 4pm. Boxes are $60 inclusive of tax. You can reserve your box by speaking to us during the show or emailing to let us know which boxes you’d like. Some boxes will include tomatoes, kale, chard, peppers, alpine strawberries, mixed herbs, pea microgreens, currants, and more.
  2. Other display items are also available including fruit trees, a blue ceramic birdbath, wood and metal stands at a reduced rate. For the best price, contact us and arrange a pickup at the end of the show starting Sunday March 22nd at 4pm.
  3. From Friday Mar 13th through to Sunday April 19th, you can purchase our Caja basic kit for $70 each + tax, including free delivery across the GTA. Our Caja Ready-To-Plant kit, which includes a package of organic fertilizer/dolomite and 60L of our premium potting soil mix is also available for $90 each + tax, including free delivery across the GTA. For the Caja basic kit, please use code “TGC2020” for online orders and for the Caja Ready-to-Plant kit, please use code “CanadaBlooms2020”.

We hope to see you there!